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Rising Damp - Problem SOLVED!

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Not only is Aquapol 100% effective it is eco-friendly and natural, installed in a day and requires no drilling, cutting or electricity.

Rising Damp Problems
How Aquapol Works - Testing equipment

How Does Aquapol Work?

Using the force of nature for good, Aquapol harnasses the smarts of technology for efficiency!

With Tesla technology Aquapol can efficiently restore "unhealthy and damp" buildings to normal.

Who Loves Us

Aquapol installed devices in 2 villas, it took 8-12 months to get the job done but it worked. We previously thought it was maybe irrigation that was causing the rising damp, but with the installation of the Aquapol devices we realized it was the water table.

Senior Maintenance Engineer Sun City

It has resolved my problem. We had a huge problem at one of our police stations with rising damp. We had an underground water problem and it was creeping up through the walls, and creating health problems for the staff working there. They complained of sore eyes and other health issues. There was also fungus growing on the wall.

Dept. Of Public Works Pretoria

... Today I am still just as well satisfied and I recommend the Aquapol system, its inventor and the Aquapol team ...“ - Re: Mariahilferstraße. The building has been dry since 1994!

Schopf Building Engineer


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