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Rising Damp: SOLVED!

Clean, eco-friendly, dehydration system

This system is 5x more cost effective than conventional means.
Over 50 000 international installations since 1985.
Over 100 installations in SA since 2012.

Rising Damp: SOLVED!


Sometimes heart-breaking!

Still trying to FIX RISING DAMP and Failing - again and again?


Clean & Eco-Friendly

NO cutting!

NO Chemicals!

NO Electricity!

NO Problem!


Get a free NO obligation Building Moisture Analysis (valued at R1500!)

Aquapol Solves Rising Damp: Naturally

  • The Rising Damp Problem

    Rising Damp: The "Major" Problem

    Addressing this problem effectively means many households/offices/buildings become healthier, and carry their real value longer. Not to mention a huge relief for the owner...

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  • The System that solves Rising Damp

    Assessment - Application - Results

    The system that resolves the Rising Damp problem. Aquapol, Dehydrating System. Uses No Cutting, NO Chemicals, NO Electricitiy. Solving damp problems naturally...

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  • Effective Results - Naturally

    Outstanding Results - Naturally!

    The results speak for themselves. Literally. Find out How Aquapol works, and see some outstanding results. Working with nature to solve the problem of rising damp.

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  • The Founder - Wilhelm Mohorn

    Meet the Founder

    Read this interview with the founder of Aquapol, which provides a valuable insight as to the path travelled in perfecting the dehydration system. If you are serious about sorting your rising damp problem ...

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Aquapol - In A Nutshell

After an extensive assessment has been made, tests carried out as to the extent of damp damage, a comprehensive report is drawn up.
The correct product (to effectively address the property size) is then installed in the recommended place for maximum effectiveness. Installation can take about 4 - 6 hours, depending.
Annual reports are then made against the original testing and damp levels to monitor exactly how much progress has been made and a "case study" carried out accordingly.

Radio Interview with Warren Bruckmann

Listen to Warren Bruckman, our Sales & Marketing Manager, in an interview with Saskia V on MIX FM radio.

Radio Interview with Damien on Mix FM

Listen to Sally Anne (Managing Director, Aquapol SA) with Damien.

Highlighted Features

Eco-Friendly 100%
Workability 99%
Cost Effective 96%
Efficiency 98%
Permanency 98%