AQUAPOL South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a company that resolves rising damp permanently without the use of chemicals, wall-cutting or electricity.


AQUAPOL has, as its goal and purpose, to improve the ethical standards in the waterproofing and construction industry and bring about a healthy living and working environment through the permanent eradication of rising damp, thus eliminating one of the major factors that create sick buildings.

We provide an honest assessment of building humidity, determining the actual source of moisture, be it rising damp or other causes. We offer a permanent solution to the problem of rising damp and propose resolutions for other sources of humidity to bring about a dry building.


Warren Bruckmann started up AQUAPOL in South Africa 2012, having acquired a license from Aquapol GmbH, the Austrian headquarters of the international company. Aquapol is represented in 24 countries including Europe, the USA, Australia, South America, the UK, Russia and others.

The founder and inventor, Mr Wilhelm Mohorn, an engineering graduate, has received numerous awards for his achievements, in particular, for the Aquapol dehumidifying device.

Since starting in South Africa and going through the establishment phase of showing the efficacy of the solution in the Southern Hemisphere, Aquapol SA has successfully done an excess of 200 installations in a range of buildings, including private homes, hotels, government buildings, restaurants, and landmark buildings such as the Kyalami Castle in Midrand, Sun City, Monarch and Balalaika Hotes and many many more. AQUAPOL boasts a 100% success rate!!

Rising Damp damages walls irrepairably - Until Aquapol


AQUAPOL SA is comprised of five key personnel.

Warren Bruckmann is responsible for management, sales and marketing. He has worked in the field of sales since 1995 in a number of different industries. He was trained on the AQUAPOL technology in Italy and, given his outstanding success in steering Aquapol to one of the most successful franchises in the world, was selected by AQUAPOL International to assist in the launch of the AQUAPOL USA franchise. Warren previously ran a number of natural health stores, prior to which he was a sales manager for a major JSE-listed technology firm.

Steve Armour, the Technical Manager – consults on technical matters and is responsible for installations. He has been trained and is certified as a qualified AQUAPOL technician.

DennisTiu Senior Technician - consults on technical matters and is responsible for installations. He has been trained and is certified as a qualified AQUAPOL technician.

Brian Bourn, sales consultant, previously managed AQUAPOL Accounts . He opted to move into sales after doing in-house selling and developing a passion for the AQUAPOL solution. He has also undergone technical training and assisted with numerous installations.

Ciaran Ryan, Field Agent, has 30 years’ experience in journalism, mining and marketing. He sees AQUAPOL as the start of a new trend in humanity’s understanding of previously “unseen” energies offering clean, safe and biologically friendly solutions to formerly intractable problems – of which rising damp is the most obvious.

Sally-Anne Cooke, Accounts Manager – takes care of all aspects of the company’s accounts. Sally-Anne has been involved in accounting and office management for 30 years.

Craig Nadelman Field Agent, was founder and CEO of Mamba Media, developing innovative media channels for clients seeking access to specific market segments. He, too, believes AQUAPOL is to rising damp what Google is to the internet – a game changer.


Some of AQUAPOL clients include:

  • Brakpan Police Station (Public Works)
  • Sun City Vacation Club
  • Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton
  • Cape Cadogan Hotel (Cape Town)
  • Monarch Hotel Rosebank
  • Euro Haus Restaurant (Global Properties, Cape Town)
  • Kyalami Castle
  • Waterfall Equestrian, Country and Village Estates
  • Mt Edgecomb Country Estate Durban
  • Eagle Canyon Estate
  • And many, many more ... 230 and counting

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